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March 18, 2021



This SOW represents how Richard Tech LLC, d/b/a Techy Tek conducts business. “Client” refers to an entity that procures Techy Tek’s products or services.

This SOW specifies the scope and deliverables of the Services delivered to the Client by Techy Teks Help Desk Services for resisted in scope devices.

Techy Tek may make minor amendments to this SOW from time to time for operational reasons; provided that such amendments are reasonable and do not materially affect the nature and scope of the Services to be provided to the Client. All services mentioned in this SOW are dependent on the availability of a relevant support service contract or agreement by and between the Client and Techy Tek. Example: Should a Client require SOC team services but is not currently contracted for SOC services they may only receive those services once a contract or agreement is finalized by the Client and Techy Tek.

1. Help Desk Services

The following are some of the goals Techy Tek seeks to achieve through the Help Desk Services:

  • Improve IT customer service and problem resolution-speed
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness by early identification of technical problems via our software suite
  • Offering 24x7x365 accessible technicians to our Clients (services outside contracted Hours of Operation may incur additional costs)
  • The Help Desk shall provide end-to-end ownership (e.g., logging, tracking, Resolution and reporting) of in-scope Help Desk Trouble Tickets and Service Requests. Help Desk Trouble Tickets and Service Requests can be resolved by Help Desk staff or may need to be referred /escalated to more specialized entities for resolution.
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness by early identification and addressing of root causes of technical Incidents including working with pre-approved 3rd (third) party vendors provided by the Client (e.g., Software vendors, network carriers) for Resolution before they become trends
  • Provide a key interface between End Users and local IT support where applicable

Help Desk Services Communication

Techy Tek Help Desk provides telephone, chat, text, email and portal ticket support.  Help Desk technicians provide desktop support via remote connection using our software suite.  Services are provided at a fixed monthly fee that is determined by the total number of Client end users or devices.

1.2 Scope

Techy Tek Help Desk will:

• Support devices running current Microsoft or Apple OS’s (based on product support lifecycle)

• Open a ticket with 3rd (third) party vendors of business line applications and ISP services prior to escalation when contact information is provided

• Workstation/laptop/limited handheld hardware support

• Network connectivity Support

• Wi-Fi connectivity for corporate networks

• Business line application support

• Email Client

• Office 365 (password reset, add/remove user, archiving, desktop app installs and error support)

• Operating system errors

• Printer-related issues (mapping, drivers and connectivity)

• Server based Password resets (Documentation, access, and approval process supplied by


• Spyware or virus cleaning from PCs (maybe done proactively or as reported by an end user)

New user creation and password resets:

• Client’s responsibility to provide new user creation steps

• Help Desk will reset passwords for the account belonging to the requestor or by an authorized management contact

• New user creations will have a 24-hour SLA

• Create corresponding email account within local Exchange or cloud-based system

• Create and configure SPAM filtering for the account if applicable

• Requests past these steps will be escalated to the Client for approval of work out of scope or additions that may be requested in our contract.

1.3 Service Call Flow and Quality Assurance

3rd (third) Party Software

Techy Tek in its best efforts will attempt to work with registered 3rd (third) party services that were made available to us by the Client during the on-boarding process or in a later addendum. If a 3rd (third) party vendor is not supported by Techy Tek we may assist in the creation of a service ticket with the 3rd (third) party software where possible however Techy Tek takes no responsibility to guarantee the fitness, development, repair, update, patch and/or warranties of 3rd (third) party software.

Ticket Creation

Techy Tek Help Desk will create tickets in our portal for all phone calls, texts, chats and/or emails received from the Client to the Help Desk for service.

Escalation Procedures and Priorities

•    Priority 1: Phone call made to the Client’s dedicated escalation line advising of urgent ticket escalation in addition to Priority 2 and 3 procedures.

•    Priority 2 and Priority 3: Ticket notes added with troubleshooting steps and reasons for escalation. Setting ticket to escalated statues within our systems will email contact the appropriate people to be notified for such tickets.

1.4 Help Desk Out of Scope Items (including but not limited to)

• Training of any kind expressed or implied is not in scope

• Any services caused by user hardware negligence

• Any onsite installation, repair or virus removal

• Operating system install, upgrade, reinstall or re-imaging

• Restoring backup files or configuring backup devices

• Problems occurring in 3rd (third) party applications or devices not on the supported software list or not documented in the knowledge base provided by the Client. Techy Tek can assist in correcting problems within a reasonable amount of time (60 minutes) but is not responsible for a 3rd (third) party’s services inability to provide its services. 

• Administrative tasks such as user or site audits

• Any onsite installation, repair or virus removal

• Any Root Cause Analysis (RCA) not found during the repair process

• Creation or modification of firewall settings

• Physical setup of new devices (PCs, laptops) or peripherals (printers or business machines)

• Setup or installation of peripherals at locations outside the principal jobsite

• Network or other infrastructure setups (Requires NOC Service)

• Network device troubleshooting (Requires NOC Service)

• Requests requiring more than 60 minutes of effort will be billed at our standard hourly rate

• Phone Hardware or VoIP telephony of any kind

• Security camera system support of any kind

• Data transfers/migrations

• Office 365 utilization, formulas, training or document creation.

• Management of policies or procedures

• Help desk is not meant to be utilized to meet compliance needs

• Consultative services

• End user personal home services

• Projects


Failures caused by the Clients refusal of recommended services, user abuse, end user negligence, hardware and environmental conditions are the sole responsibility of the Client and are not in scope.

Help desk services are only to be utilized for the locations designated by the Client any additional work outside the contracted location will be billed separately or an addendum is added within 5 (five) days of service. Techy Tek reserves the right to modify this list as required.

1.5 Help Desk Responsibility and Requirements

General 3rd Party Service Responsibilities

Prior to contacting Techy Tek for any service the Client should begin by contacting the relevant 3rd (third) party service for technical support. For a service to be in scope with Techy Tek it requires that the Client keeps a currently active 3rd (third) party vendor support contract; or replaceable parts be readily available, and all software be genuine and currently licensed and vendor supported. Should any hardware or software fail to meet these provisions, they will be excluded from any Agreement unless pre-approved by Techy Tek in writting.

The following table identifies the General roles and responsibilities associated with this SOW. An “X” is placed in the column under the Party that shall be responsible for performing the task. 3rd (third) party vendor responsibilities are indicated in the column labeled “3rd (third) Party Vendor” and Techy Tek in its column.

  1. General Roles and Responsibilities (including but not limited to)
General Roles and Responsibilities3rd (third) Party VendorTechy Tek
1.   Provide single point of contact (SPOC) and coordination for all Incident reports and requests for information and service provided by 3rd (third) party vendorX 
2. Provide Techy Tek with a knowledge base to 3rd (third) party vendors documentation to Vendor on business functions and features for all supported environmentsX 
3.   3rd (third) party vendor initial and ongoing training of its services including functions, features, and configuration of all the Client supported environments (e.g., hardware, Software), including training relating to changes to the Client’s environment are the sole responsibility of those services and not considered help desk support service.X 
4.   Provide Level 1 assistance for Incidents, problems, and inquiries of services, hardware and connections on Client premises X
5.   Manage the Incident Resolution, Problem Resolution and close out process (e.g., provide Level 2 and Level 3 escalation)X 
6.   Provide Help Desk agents that proficiently communicate, are proficient in English, and that are appropriately trained to meet Client requirementsXX
7.   Responsible to repair all issues that arise in the Application, Presentation and/or Session Layer where in the OSI model.X 
8.   Responsible to repair all issues that arise in the Network, Data Link and Physical Layer where applicable contracts are in place. Transport layer is managed injunction with ISP. X
9.   Develop and maintain the fitness of the provided product(s) to the Client.X 
10. Review Client technology, including acquiring Client management team feedback, to identify and understand the appropriate sets of skills, training, and experience needed to utilize 3rd (third) party services.X 
11. Communicate regularly with the Client on planning and analysis related activities provided by 3rd (third) party serviceX 
12. Report and repair issues related to 3rd party applications including but not limited breaches, loss of service and errors to the Client.X 

Help Desk and Client Responsibilities

Help Desk operations and administration services are those activities associated with providing a stable Help Desk environment and to effectively and efficiently perform procedures to ensure IT Services meet Service Level targets and requirements. The following table identifies the Help Desk and Client roles and responsibilities.

  • Help Desk Operations and Administration Services Roles and Responsibilities (including but not limited to)
Help Desk Operations and Administration Services Roles and Responsibilities  Client  Techy Tek
1.   Provide additional resources as needed during planned events and unplanned critical events (e.g., new services startup, extended Outages)   X
2.   Select, provide and implement Help Desk Software (needed to collect, track and manage Service Requests and Help Desk Trouble Tickets received by the Help Desk per Service and Service Level Requirements)     X
3.   Track/manage/report Help Desk metrics for all Help Desk Trouble Tickets.   X
4.   Develop internal escalation process requirementsX 
5.   Provide up to date contact list for all authorized employees, management, 3rd (third) party vendors.  X 
6.   Maintain and provide escalation process for all tickets (including Third Parties such as vendors and service Vendors)   X
7.   Issue broadcasts or other notices to provide status updates as required for planned and unplanned events, including establishing and maintaining an as-needed banner message on Client’s internal devices.   X
8.   Provide authorized End User or manager electronic access to a Help Desk Trouble Ticket system including access to Service Requests and Incident and Problem status reports (e.g., via secure web site, portal, online application)     X
9.   Contact ISP during outages and verify that the issues are related to the ISP and not internal resources.  X  X
10.  Support request for 3rd (third) party vendors should first be made the corresponding 3rd (third) party vendors prior to engaging Techy Tek help desk.  X 
11. Maintain a continuous improvement program that improves Service Desk Service delivery   X
12. Meet compliance requirements set forth by the relevant compliance agencies.X 
13. Review and approve solutions presented by Techy Tek for security, management,         uptime and compliance purposes Help DeskX 
14. Coordinate and make available End User-facing environment hardware during scheduled and emergency help desk service requestX 
14. Restart computer or programs prior to contacting Techy Tek with any issueX 

It is the Clients responsibility to verify that the following tasks have been completed at each supported Client site:

• No additional remote agents are installed on all workstations in-eligible for Help Desk support

• Documentation for support including

  • New hire notification
  • New devices and are required to be registered prior to service if out of scope it will be charged at our standard hourly rate
  • New user setup instructions must be made available via our pre-defined documentation
  • Software media locations along with all relevant licensing information
  • VPN users list, IPs of VPN remote users and mapped drive locations
  • List of 3rd (third) party applications along with their relevant support contact information
  • IT Termination Policies must be followed which include documentation on that user’s data including emails and data
  • Data Governance for all data including VPN and mapped drive location
  • Client should have valid support contracts with vendors and must authorize Techy Tek to act on their behalf

1.6 Service Request and Trouble Ticket Management

Service Request and Trouble Ticket Management

Service Request and Trouble Ticket Management Services are those activities associated with end-to-end Incident and Problem management and Service Request processes common to all supported Services, including Level 1 support and escalation through a defined process, including primary resources, 3rd (third) Parties products (such as hardware and Software vendors), other 3rd (third) Party service vendors as well as Client technical support resources. The following table identifies the Service Request and Trouble Ticket Management Services roles and responsibilities that Vendor and the Client shall perform.

End User Administration

End User Administration Services are those Level 1 Help Desk activities associated with managing and coordinating account activation, termination, changes, and expiration, and the management of End User resources. The following table identifies the End User Administration roles and responsibilities that Vendor and the Client shall perform.

  1. End User Administration Services Roles and Responsibilities (including but not limited to)
End User Administration Services Roles and ResponsibilitiesClientTechy Tek
3.   Create, change and delete End User accounts per authorized requests in accordance with the Client’s security policies   X
4.   Coordinate as necessary with other specialized areas to manage End User accounts   X
5.   Perform Password Resets as required, in accordance with the Client’s security policies   X

Note: The above list is Client dependent in certain cases the Client may request access to do any of the above.

Remote Help Desk Support

Remote Help Desk Support Services are those activities associated with troubleshooting and supporting incidents, problems and authorized End User requests remotely over the network electronically to minimize the need to dispatch technical personnel. The following table identifies the Remote Help Desk Support Services roles and responsibilities that Techy Tek, and the Client shall perform.

  • Remote Help Desk Support Roles and Responsibilities (including but not limited to)
Remote Help Desk Support Roles and ResponsibilitiesClientTechy Tek
1.   Resolve Incidents and diagnose underlying problems using remote control tools and when possible implement corrective actions to Resolve Incidents and Problems. If Resolution is not possible, escalate per the escalation procedures     X
2.   Utilize secure remote-control tools to repair in-scope desktop systems and maintain an organized trouble ticket and document policy   X
3.   Troubleshoot issues pertaining to the registered end users registered service locations within this SOW   X

Self-Help Support

Self-Help Support Services are the activities associated with providing and maintaining self-help support tools (e.g., documents, web-based tools). The following table identifies the Self-Help Support Services roles and responsibilities that Techy Tek, and the Client shall perform.

  • Self-Help Support Roles and Responsibilities (including but not limited to)
Self-Help Support Roles and ResponsibilitiesClientTechy Tek
1.  Implement Self-Help Support capabilities that enable End Users to perform self service activities such as Password Resets and other administrative functions (e.g., open, close, review ticket status)X 
2.   Provide a web-based tool with Trouble Ticket templates for End Users to create Help Desk Trouble Tickets and Service Request templates for Client-authorized End Users to create Service Requests using self service capabilities, pursuant to Client policies X
3.   Monitor and review the effectiveness of Self-Help Support Services capabilities and usageX 
4.   Develop and provide recommendations for improvements to Self-Help Support Services capabilities X
5.   Review and approve recommendations for improvements to Self-Help Support Services capabilitiesX 
6.   Implement approved recommendations for improvements to Self-Help Support Services capabilitiesX 

Vendor Coordination

• Open ticket with ISP escalates to the Client when needed i.e., billing issues, scheduling tech etc.

• Open ticket regarding 3rd (third) party applications will be escalated back to the Client when support is out of scope.

• There will be a 60-minute time cap spent on an any individual 3rd party issue. Should that time be exceeded additional charges may be applied.

Principle Period of Services

•24/7 service is defined as 24-hours a day, Monday through Sunday, Holidays included (7x24x365)

• Hours of Operation is defined by the contract and base on the Clients local time, Monday through Friday, Holidays excluded


• All hours mentioned are Client local hours

• International Help Desk service is 24/7 only

• International service is based on availability of phone lines. Some regions/countries may not be supported. Please inquire for supported regions/countries

1.7 Techy Tek Help Desk SLAs

Help Desk KPIs (Key Performance Indicator)

Ticket time to First Touch

• 80% of all requests responded to within 2 hours per calendar month

Monthly Voice Mail Response Time

• Average 60 minutes or less for voice mail response time per calendar month

Monthly Phone Response Time

• 80% of answered incoming calls will be picked up within 180 seconds per calendar month

1.8 Help Desk Support Transfers

Transferring your Help Desk to a New Device

• Only the total number of licensed Help Desk devices listed in your agreement will be considered in-scope.

• Transferring a license of an existing device that is considered Obsolete (a device that is discontinued, disconnected or replaced) can be accommodated. However, should you require that a previously Obsolete device be reinstated, it shall require a new license.

• Should a device that is not licensed under the agreement require service then it is considered a break fix support, and will be charged respectively at our Non-Covered hourly rate. Additional devices may be licensed with a change order to the existing agreement.


Providing exceptional service to our Clients is our number one priority.

We have built a reputation for helping our clients grow their IT infrastructure by providing the highest quality Help Desk, NOC and project services at a fair price.

Operating from our headquarters in New Jersey, we offer our clients 24/7 support to complement and extend their own resources, enabling them to scale cost effectively and drive profitable growth.  

For more information, please visit:

Techy Tek is a d/b/a of Richard Tech LLC.

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